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Project description

KALEBEGIAK, a title in Basque which is made up of two words (Kale: street and Begiak: eyes; gaze), is a film which arose within the context of San Sebastián 2016: European Capital of Culture to promote a path through the city, a walk around its streets, amongst its people – a journey to be embarked upon hand-in-hand with 15 filmmakers, divided into 12 fragments which make up the creative portrait of a major city which is especially apt for film: San Sebastián.

KALEBEGIAK. 12 short films. One movie. 12 looks from the cinema. And one city –one space– which acts as the common thread. The cinematographic talent which has arisen in San Sebastián over recent decades serves as a pretext to drive the trip forward.

These 12 stories are narrated by 15 directors, all from different generations and professional backgrounds, with the single aim of creating a diverse perspective in which the genres of documentary, animation and fiction blend. A deliberate quest for a variety of styles – and said variety acts as the project’s most valuable, significant form of richness.

In addition to bringing together the directors, KALEBEGIAK brings together some of the most well-known names in terms of our region’s cinema; especially in the disciplines which are somewhat less well known by the audience, such as editing, sound effects, direction of photography and production. These are cinematographic technicians of renowned prestige whose talent is also celebrated and recognized through this project.

KALEBEGIAK likewise brings all of the aforementioned professionals into contact with the newer generations. At least 50% of those who participated in each of KALEBEGIAK’s filming sessions were students of the cinema workshops held at the Larrotxene Cultural Center, where the idea for this full-length film was born. The transfer of knowledge directly from the film professionals has been a key in this project’s design from its very start – creating a space in which to guarantee that professional skills and creativity were passed from generation to generation, ensuring the same degree of cinematographic expertise for future productions.

KALEBEGIAK is a project that strives to be something more than just a movie.

KALEBEGIAK is a full-length film in which the present and the past unite. It’s a meeting place for exchange and creative enrichment – a space to bring people together.